2022 LEADS! Scholarship

The Ohio-Michigan Association of Career Colleges and Schools (OMACCS) is once again offering our LEADS! Scholarship Program for Ohio & Michigan high school seniors graduating in Spring 2022!   This year we are offering 95 scholarships at 17 participating Ohio & Michigan career colleges, totaling over $218,000!  Please review the LEADS! Scholarship Booklet for the participating career colleges and their eligible programs, and ensure the Student Application Form and the Nomination Form are completed accurately before submission.  The application deadline is April 8, 2022.  Any questions may be directed to the OMACCS Office at 614-487-8180 or [email protected].

OMACCS and its members are committed to providing higher education opportunities to students who are seeking career education.
We consider it a privilege to assist in making students’ dreams come true, while at the same time playing a vital role in fueling the workforce and economy of Ohio and Michigan. We’re pleased to have the resources and the support of our member institutions to continue offering scholarships to students.