OhioLEADS! Scholarship Applications Available

A complete listing of scholarships is available online, at Ohio libraries and your high school guidance counselor’s office.

To apply:

 Must be a senior graduating from any Ohio high school by June 2017

 Must be nominated by a local civic or community leader or by a current member of the Ohio
  Legislature. Students must choose this person themselves and contact them either by mail, email or phone.

 Each applicant must be able to meet the college or school’s entrance requirements

 Each applicant may apply for up to three scholarships, but must use a separate application for each scholarship.

 Recipients must start classes either in the summer or fall term following graduation.

 Applications MUST be legible.

 Scholarships are not transferable from one school to another.

OhioLEADS! Scholarship Booklet

OhioLEADS! Application Form

OhioLEADS! Nomination Form