House Bill 426 – Career College Placement Act

>House Bill 429, the Career College Placement Act (CCP) is sponsored by Representative Niraj Antani (R) and co-sponsored by Representative Marlene Anielski (R), Mike Duffey (R), and John Boccieri (D), making this a bi-partisan effort.

The CCP Act will require the State Board of Career Colleges and Schools to collect and report the Annual Job Placement Rates by individual college or school, with information searchable by college, school, degree, certificate or diploma and also by program, from schools licensed by the Board. The information must be reported both on the Board’s website and in its annual report to the Ohio General Assembly. The final portion of the CCP Act requires the Department of Higher Education to provide a link on their website allowing prospective students access to the reported information.

This legislation is intended to empower prospective students with current job placement rates of Career Colleges and Schools. This information will help prospective students make career and education decisions and connect students with ‘in demand job’ opportunities.