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Ohio* school employees are required to take 20 hours of continuing education relating to their positions every two years. Four of the 20 hours must be one of the compliance and ethics training courses listed below. The remaining 16 hours are elective. All courses available below are approved by the board to meet this requirement.

Requirements apply to: School Director, Chief Education Officer, Academic Officer, or Director of Education, Placement Director, Admissions Director, Financial Aid Director, full-time faculty member or instructor.

*Note that Michigan school employees do not have continuing education requirements.

New Ohio Admissions Agents are required to take CM202: Ohio Rules and Regulations for Admissions Agents within sixty days of submitting a request for a new agent permit.

Ohio Admissions agents applying for a renewal license are required to take one of the admissions compliance courses or one of the compliance and ethics courses listed below.

Read the memo from John Ware, Executive Director of the Ohio State Board of Career Colleges and Schools, regarding continuing education at the Ohio.gov site here and for admissions agents here.

Access MaxKnowledge courses here. Contact the state board to become a course provider for Ohio.